Monday, January 19, 2009

Girls' Birthday Weekend

We went up to The Hatch this weekend to celebrate some overdue birthdays. Good food, good fun, and good presents were received by all! =)

Having fun with chickens

Taking beebee! for a walk

I got my diana camera! Thanks mom and dad A!

Oh, and the knee has healed up nicely...thanks to all those who were concerned!


  1. Hello! Who is this person? :-) Love the camera, love the shirt you're wearing, love the doggie shot, and the two below it. So cute!

  2. Yay, more pictures...happy late birthday to all you ladies! I'm glad you got the camera. It was very much you :-) Keep the pictures coming; It looked like a nice warm day up there, too. Miss you guys!

  3. Oh Mamma Mia What a fun time!!

  4. Aww that is the last picture of the chickens! Now we only have one left!