Monday, July 23, 2012

vacation: day three in Sicily

On our third day in Sicily, we packed a lot into one day. First, we went to Siracusa to see the Greek and Roman amphitheaters.
altar for sacrifices

the Greek theater was all covered up with wooden seats for concerts :(

the cave kitty :-)


the Roman theater
After checking out the ruins, we relaxed for a few hours at Fontane Bianche, the most amazing beach ever! The water was so clear, it was like swimming in a pool.

Later that afternoon, we went into Catania for some shopping!

Trying some Negroni...a wee bit too bitter for me :-)
Me and Linz in Elephant Square
The Negroni was a little too strong for us girls, so we switched to prosecco!
shopping and walking the streets of Catania

That's all for day three! :-)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

vacation: day two in Sicily

Now for our second day in Sicily. We stayed local, and walked to Caffe Europa to get some cappuccinos and pastries for breakfast.  

the view
Linz and Gene at Caffe Europa

my new favorite pastry, a white nutella cornetto :-)

walking through the streets of Aci Trezza

 After eating breakfast and wandering the streets a bit, we rented a paddle boat and paddled out to the rocks to swim and sunbathe. I didn't bring my nice camera out on the paddle boat, for obvious reasons, so the next pictures are from Lindsay's water camera. 

Nick snorkeling


star fish that Clint found

siblings :-)

Clint and Gene floating around. The water is noticeably saltier than what we're used to in San Diego...and much easier to float in!

After everyone had enough sun and swimming, we headed back to the house for some naps :-) Well,some people napped...I don't like to nap so I just read my book.

Stripes snuggling up
the group
We went into Catania that night, and ate at an amazing restaurant that I, once again, can't remember the name of!! Haha. It was really cool though, the walls of the place were stacked and stacked with wine bottles. You can see from the pictures that there are lots of bottles, but they really don't do the place justice. They have ladders on wheels so they can get to the wines they need to serve. We were pretty much the only people inside, so it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. And the food, well that was AMAZING :-)

Nick and Clint got noodles with seafood

Linz and I got the salmon...delicious!
Gene's steak...made everyone jealous :-)