Sunday, July 8, 2012

vacation: day one in Sicily

Our first day in Sicily started around 5pm when we actually arrived at Gene and Lindsay's house. We showered, relaxed a little, and then headed out to dinner at a cool restaurant just down the street from their house that has an eating area up on the roof so you have a great view of the ocean and the street (Lins you'll have to help me out with the name of it, I don't remember what it is :-)). Lucky us, the festival for St. John was going on for a few days, so we got a bit of culture too :-)
Lindsay's Italian porch kitties, Dum Dum and Lil Stripes :-)

the street all decorated for the festival
the view from our restaurant

checking out the menu

sissies <3

don't know what Gene is pointing at, I just like this picture :-)

house wine

the food was delicious!

all lit up for the festival

Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Fun to see the pictures in a day by day sequence. Love the lights they have up along the street... so festive!