Monday, November 8, 2010

This and That...and Saying Goodbye

First, we got a new camera :)
A couple months ago, we went to an Aztec game...

Then we went to Tehachapi for fun and apple picking...

Then we had some parties to go to...first was a goodbye party for Linz and Gene...

Then, a 30th birthday party for Gene/another goodbye...


  1. Yay, a blog post from Bowmina! Fun to see all these events from your view. Love the picture of Wyatt and Tundra (or is it Tundee?).

  2. awww sad to look at our goodbyes :( You got some cute pics at the 30th bday the cupcake one. I miss you guys soooo soooo much!! Love you!

  3. Oh, wow! More pictures. Thanks for posting more. I love them. Good times.