Monday, February 20, 2012

A few things.

A couple weeks ago, it was very, very, sunny. And very, very, warm.
And we had visitors :-)
 The reason for this visit wasn't the best (funeral)...but it was so much fun to spend time with family we wouldn't otherwise be seeing so soon!
Below: Garrett, Naomi, and I practicing our mad coloring skills...I bought those for the girls, but I think we got more fun out of them!

 The whole fam. This picture and the one above were stolen from my cousin Curtis from Wisconsin, who flew out just to see all of us and remember Gramma with us. It was fun hanging out and getting to know him better! Unfortunately, I lost the SD card to my camera, so I have none of my own pictures except for ones I took with my phone.

The weather continued to stay the next Saturday while Clint was working I sat out on our little piece of decking and soaked up some rays. It was not, however, very peaceful...these two just can't leave each other alone! 

Little Bandito squinting up at me. Because of his eye defect, when its really bright outside he squints all the time, you can barely tell he has blue eyes :-)

 Shasta looking out over her domain :-)

A peek at the view I see every night while driving home from work. It's gotten colder, and cloudier, but it makes for lovely sunsets!

Happy President's Day!


  1. Aw, that was, regardless of the reason, a really fun time. We'll have to get together again soon and do some fun stuff. :-)

  2. Thats a great family photo of you guys! I love how Ember's pigtail makes it look like Justin has a blonde stripe in his goatee. ;) Glad you got to enjoy the warm weather with your fam too!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. ♥