Friday, April 13, 2012

spring has sprung

For the last month or so, we've been in the process of building a chicken coop. And when I say we, I mean not me at all :-) Nick has done a majority of the work, and he's done a great job... it's almost done! Here are a few pictures of the progress and other happenings around here...including the new chickies!

 The very beginnings of the coop...

 A different view of the back yard. Clearly, we have lots and lots of work ahead of us!

I put the camera over the fence and snapped a pic of our neighbors' chickens and coop :-) The dogs go crazy when these chickens are out.

Wednesday evening, we got these little guys! Six silkies - two blues, three brown, and one blonde. We're thinking the brown ones are actually "partridge" silkies, and the blonde is a "buff". We'll see though, it's too early to tell exactly how they'll turn out. Blondie is certainly the smartest of the bunch, and the bravest. She found the food and water first, and isn't so skiddish when we stick our hands in to pick them up. One of the blue ones was stuck under the heating element (basically a hand warmer) that they were shipped with when Clint opened the box. She's the one to the left of Blondie in the picture below. Apparently she wasn't moving and he thought that we might have lost her :-( She's still a little unsteady compared to the others, and is WAY more skiddish...but after a couple days she seems to be doing well :-)

 All huddled in the corner, scared of the camera...dorks!

 They are so cute!!!


  1. Aww the chicks are so cute!! The coop looks really good too, the guys did a good job :)

  2. Everything seems to be right on track! I'm sure the chicks will already be so big when we see them.Can't wait to see it all in person. ♥