Monday, April 27, 2009

Camping for Nick's Birthday

This past weekend we headed back up to Kennedy Meadows to celebrate Nick's birthday...Despite the freezing temperatures at night and a couple missing family members, mornings greeted us with warm(er) weather and good times.

Eating apples with the girls...yum!

Amelia and her daddy ready to go down to the river...

Even with Dad A missing, the boys decided to try their hand at fly fishing...

My determined fisherman :)

Cuddling with Aunt Linzy

Watching Gene and Clint fish

An epic battle...

Waiting to hike

Contemplating crossing

Crazy kids climing up to the top of the rocks (don't look mom, you would have had a heart attack if you saw how high they were)

Packing up

Saying goodbye...

The ride home


  1. That is such a pretty place to camp! If you build a simple little shack by the campfire for me, I will come and camp with you :-)

  2. The frost covered zipper gives me the chills. I remember how cold it was last fall, and there was no frost then! And thanks for helping to take such good care of my baby, she likes to talk about all of you (well, at least your names) in reference to camping. :)