Monday, April 6, 2009

The Hatch in April

This weekend we made the long journey up to Tehachapi, with a new little member of our family in tow. Wednesday Clint surprised me with a sweet little puppy. He is a Miniature Australian shepherd and his name is Bandit, or, as some like to say, Bandito. Amazingly, he slept almost the entire way up to Tehachapi and was the best behaved little thing the whole time...he loved all the attention and outdoor-time this weekend!

His beautiful blue eyes...
Playing with Aunt Lindsay

We took lunch up to Nick at his jobsite on Saturday, the view was so pretty...

Clint and his Momma

The lovebirds...and Bryan=)

Enjoying the sunny (but cold) day
Checking out pictures
Clint and Bryan playing a little indoor football
The beautiful view from Mom n Dad A's
Sweet Bo. I keep getting good pictures of him!
Bo taking care of the puppy
Later that day, we headed down to the winery...
Lovely Shelly
Clint and I...we were playing with the color accent feature of our camera =)
The view from the winery was lovely as well
One tired little pup!


  1. Cute, cute doggy! Loving Clint's Hammerhead shirt, Ahhh McMenamin's. The blue's in the pic with the said shirt are really pretty too. :-) I am NOT showing K&B this post, as I have to hear about getting a dog every day, several times a day, and this would only make it worse. :-)

  2. Looks like you all had fun, wish we could have been there too. Bandit looks really cute, I'm sure Amelia will be so excited to meet him!

  3. What an adorable puppy! How is the training coming? Can't wait to see him and you guys in person...