Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hiking Mt. Miguel

This weekend we tried hike Mt. Miguel. This is the mountain with all the antennas on it that we can see from our house. It is 2,559 ft tall. The smaller peak next to it is Mt. Mother Miguel, and it is 1,512 ft tall...and that is the one we made it to :-) It's a hard hike for those of us who aren't used to hiking almost straight up the whole way. We are going to work up to it though, our goal is to eventually reach the top where all the antennas are!
This is Mt. Miguel from our house.
 The beginning of the hike is pretty easy...(the green is a golf course)
 The mountains from the other side.
 It's always strange to walk under these things...they are constantly crackling.

 It's hard to tell from the picture, but you can see the trail going up the side of the mountain if you look hard enough.
 The doggies taking a break.
 Shasta blends in with her surroundings :-)
 That's Otay Lake in the distance.
 Looking back on our progress...unfortunately the marine layer was sticking around, otherwise you'd be able to see the ocean from here :-(
 This is as high as we made it...that blue you can see is Sweetwater Reservoir, and above it is our hill.
 I used the zoom lens on our hill. Can you see our house? :-)
 An old flag on top of Mt. Mother Miguel. Don't be fooled, I used my zoom lens on this too, we did not make it that far :-)

 Remnants of the 2007 Harris fire...Hopefully not, but someday this could be the view from our house.
 A closer view of Otay Lake.
 Heading back down.
 Because there is hardly any information about this hike on the internet, I am posting the directions down here for anyone who may search for directions to this hike. Take the 125 South and get off at the H St exit. Turn left and it turns into Proctor Valley Road. The trail head is right off of Proctor Valley Road, between Duncan Ranch Road and Coastal Hills Drive. We parked on Coastal Hills (it's a neighborhood) and walked to the trail entrance. There are no signs at all to tell you that this is a trail...we almost thought we might be trespassing.  In case those directions aren't good enough, here is a picture of what the beginning of the trail looks like from Proctor Valley Road:


  1. I love the picture of Clint at the top with Bandit! The marine layer sorta looks like the ocean so we can just pretend :) You sure have some beautiful surroundings! Can't wait to go hiking with you guys.

  2. Cool! Love hikes that are close to home, it makes it so much easier to just do them whenever. Sounds like fun!

  3. Wow, you guys made it far in my eyes! ;)