Friday, September 30, 2011


For those of you interested in photography and/or travel, I found a cool website called TrekEarth. Their goal is basically to be a place where you can learn about the world through pictures. Each member is allowed to upload one photo a day. I like this idea, because it makes you choose very carefully which photos you upload. Each photo has to have an informative or at least meaningful description...either about the place at which it was taken, or something technical; like what filter, lens, blah blah blah, was used. I like this idea too. You can also post the GPS coordinates of where the photo was taken, so someone who liked your picture could actually go to the exact spot you were, and see it in real life. I stumbled upon this website because I was googling pictures of  the Fairy Pools in the Isle of Skye, Scotland. I'd love to go there someday! 
Anyway, I am now a member, and I'm in the process of getting some New Zealand pictures up. So far, this is the only one I've got. I just realized I didn't post many NZ pics on here, so maybe I'll put them up here as I go, too. I like looking back at these pictures!
Storm at Shipwreck Bay, Ahipara, New Zealand


  1. Yeah, that website is NOT going to be good for my time management. Thanks a lot. Haha! Very very cool.

  2. What a cool idea for a website! Gene and I have been using Google Earth to do something similar. You can click on peoples pictures and it gives you the lat and long so you can go see it. It's how we found our hiking spot we did last weekend :)

    Beautiful picture of NZ!!!!!! I want to go!!!