Wednesday, August 8, 2012

vacation: day five in Sicily

Our fifth day in Sicily brought us to Taormina. Lindsay and I tanned ourselves and the boys snorkeled at Isola Bella for a while, but then it got a little too cloudy (but still extremely hot), so we stopped at a cafe for some granite to cool off, then took the tram up to the town of Taormina to walk around and see the Greek theater.

my lemon granite, so refreshing!  

the view from the cable car

There was a film festival going on that weekend, so the screen  was covering up the view and the seats were covering up the original stone seats :(  Still a beautiful place though!

my store!!!
 That night we went to a brewery/restaurant to watch a soccer game. I'm pretty sure we didn't get a table with a good view of the screen, because they knew we were Americans and Italy was playing! The beer we got taste a little like bacon, but the food was good :) Unfortunately this is the only picture I have of the whole night :( 

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