Sunday, August 26, 2012

vacation: day six in Rome

Day six started early at the Catania airport. Our flight to Rome was scheduled for I think 9:30...? It was delayed by 3 hours. We didn't even get off the tarmac until a little after 1:00. Horrible!

putting on happy faces or the camera...our plane was finally boarding!

Once we finally arrived in Rome, we had to take the train into the city. Thankfully our hotel was right by the station so we didn't have to walk much! There was a little mix-up with our hotel room; so Lindz and I ended up in the Radisson hotel across the street for the first night...but we weren't complaining :-) 

at the station

off to Roma!
 After we got settled, we immediately started sight-seeing and headed for the Colosseum. It was amazing! 

after walking around a little, we stopped at this cute cafe for some drinks. It was hot!

first glimpse of the Colosseum

Pictures really don't do it justice. You have to see it in person!

an Aperol Spritz...a delicious drink that Lindsay and Gene introduced us to. A great drink on a hot day! We got these on our way back to the hotel.
 That evening we took a taxi to the Fontana Di Trevi...there was a huge crowd surrounding it, but we managed to squeeze through and get some pictures.

After we got enough photos taken, we started to search for a place to eat dinner, and we came across Ristorante Baccano. It was delicious! I ordered spaghetti...sounds simple, but it was the best spaghetti I have ever eaten!


my amazing spaghetti

Clint's dish...delicious tuna

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  1. Ah, Roma. Fabuloso. So much to see, do and eat there, I'm glad you got to squeeze it all in! I love the lady posing in the background of the picture behind you and Clint at the Fontana Di Trevi, she reminds me of Kathy Lee Gifford. Ha!