Friday, August 3, 2012

vacation: day four in Sicily

I don't have many pictures of our fourth day in Sicily...this is because for the first half of the day, Lindsay, Nick, Clint and I left Gene at home so he could work on a paper for school. We didn't want to go see something cool without him, so Lindsay took us to the mall for some shopping! After the mall, we went to the grocery store...which was actually an interesting experience for us, getting a glimpse of everyday life.

That night, we went to an amazing restaurant called La Polena in Acireale. I don't know what time we actually got to the restaurant, but it was the longest meal of our the time we got into the car to leave, it was 1:30am!!! The place was packed, even at that hour, and it didn't seem like anyone else was planning on going home any time soon! On a Wednesday night! So different from the states.

Our meal was about 7 or 8 courses long...but well worth it. We were getting so full that we actually skipped the pasta course. Well worth your money though, if you're ever in Sicily :-)

me and Linz modeling our new skirts while waiting for our food :-)
first course of many
so much seafood!
Linz and Gene
the whole group and our whole fish :-)
the chef came out to serve us our main course of fish...sooooo delish!

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